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If yes, then find out how i can help your Business with Internet Marketing, Website Design, Online Advertising, Sales Lead Generation, Sales Lead Capturing, Marketing Automation, Landing Page Design, Landing Page Optimization and many more.

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Azizul Yusof - helping Small and Mid Sized Business with his Services, since 2007
Hi there, my name is Azizul Yusof.

I am an Entrepreneur / Digital Marketing Consultant / Freelancer. And i have been helping Small and Mid Sized Businesses (SMB) around the World with my Services since 2007.

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A Little Bit About Me

I was born and raised in a Small City in Malaysia. Being self-trained as an Entrepreneur and the fact that i had to start my Business off with a very limited budget, teaches me great lessons when it comes to Cost and Effectiveness.

Internet helps my Business a lot and with it’s low cost Marketing but high in Effectiveness and Returns, i spent 95% of my Marketing (and Operations) using the Internet.

I also believe in Maximum Returns for every single cents spent, which introduce me to Sales Lead Generation, Conversion Rate Optimization, Marketing Campaign Analysis, Marketing Automation and etc.


How i helped SMB

These knowledge and experiences had been shared with my Clients as i realized Small and Mid Sized Businesses doesn’t get much attention from others due the fact that they do not have much Budget for it. And that was the biggest reasons why i still love to help Small and Mid Sized Businesses even though i can manage larger Businesses.

So let’s talk and find out how i can help your Business with my Services. Do have a look on my Services for Small and Mid Sized Businesses page and send me an Enquiry.


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